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Vestibular and Balance Evaluation

Augusta Audiology Associates offers a comprehensive approach for assessment of auditory and vestibular function. Research shows that with hearing loss there is an increased risk of falls. Since the vestibular(balance) system plays such a critical role in our daily lives, we feel it is necessary to offer testing targeted to this important organ.


Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Dizziness and balance disorders affect approximately 1/3 of the general population, with the incidence increasing with age.  Our bodies use vision, proprioception, and the vestibular system to keep us balanced. Vision is used to see if things are moving, proprioception is the ability of our joints and muscles to respond to changes in pressure, and the vestibular system acts as levels inside of our heads. All three of these things work together with our central nervous system to tell us where we are in space, if we are moving, in what direction we are moving, and how fast we are moving. If a part of the system does not function properly, the brain will receive faulty signals and perceive motion when one is sitting still.

Evaluation Procedure

Comprehensive evaluations of the balance and vestibular system are available at Augusta Audiology Associates. Specialized equipment is used to monitor eye movements in response to certain visual cues and positional changes. The recorded results are then analyzed to determine the cause of symptoms and recommendations and referrals are made.

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