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Customized Hearing Protection

Preventing hearing loss is just as important as treating it. We can work with you to find the right hearing protection for your specific needs. During your visit, impressions of your ear(s) will be taken and sent to the manufacturer where the earplug of the patient’s choice is created.



There are two types of hearing protection used for loud impulse sounds occurring from firearm use. Custom earplugs may be passive or active. Passive earplugs are custom fit to the ear and are made of a solid material, such as silicone or packed with shot for greater density. Active earplugs actually have circuitry which amplifies soft sounds, such as leaves rustling. When a firearm is used, the circuitry compresses the loud sound so that it is muffled and provides hearing protection. Active hearing protection gives you the benefit of protecting your hearing along with the ability to hear environmental sounds between shots.



Custom hearing protective devices can be made for those exposed to loud sounds in their work environments. Different noise reduction ratings can be selected based on your work environment.



Custom-made earplugs can be created for a variety of recreational purposes. Swim plugs can prevent moisture from entering the ear canal. These are optimal for swimming, watersports, and showering to prevent infection. Sleep molds can be used to promote a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep. Musician’s earplugs can be created for musicians and concert attendees who are exposed to high levels of sound but want to preserve the quality and fidelity of music. A number of noise-attenuating filters can be ordered in conjunction with the custom-made earplug to allow the wearer to choose how much reduction of sound they require.

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