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The availability of wireless technology in hearing aids has also brought about the use of accessories in conjunction with the hearing aids.  Accessories such as remote controls, television adaptors, companion microphones, and connectivity to cellular telephones are available; all of which further enhance the listening experience of the individual.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote Controls

Remote Controls allow for the change of volume and program in the hearing aids without ever having to touch the hearing aid. This technology helps the wearer to be discreet about the fact that they are using hearing aids and quickly change setting for maximum comfort and hearing ability.


Television accessories allow for streaming of sound directly from the television into the hearing aids. Through this method, the sound from the television is amplified through the hearing aids and the wearer has the ability to set the volume to a comfortable listening level while others in the room can set the volume to a level which meets their preferences.

Cell Phone Wireless Streaming and Apps

Wireless technology also offers the ability to connect directly to the listener’s cell phone. Calls are sent directly into the listener’s ears and amplified as necessary to allow for a clear, crisp sound of the telephone conversation. Today hearing aids can be controlled with smartphone applications and Bluetooth technology allowing for an easy and more discrete user experience.

Companion Microphone

Companion microphones stream the voice of the individual speaking directly into the ears of the hearing aid wearer. This accessory is especially useful in church services, lectures, and classroom settings where there is one voice that is heard over all others.

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